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We’re particularly excited about the launching of Milk Baby online store and Milk Baby breastfeeding blog.

In our Milk Baby Blog, we’ll share with you information about what we love most: help support you through your breastfeeding journey by providing information and carefully selected products like breast pumps, accessories and other feeding related items for you and your little one. From time to time we will feature guest mummy bloggers who will share with you their individual stories and experiences to create awareness of variety of situations that one might go through.
Milk Baby isn’t just an online breast pump and baby store, we aim to provide a space where mothers can visit and obtain helpful breastfeeding resources.

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Here’s what you can look forward to in Milk Baby’s Blog:

  • We’ll share with you information about the products we sell – breast pumps, milk bottles, milk storage, accessories, brand background and more. That includes product knowledge, instructions on how to correctly use your products, how to select your product, how to care for your product and more.
  • We’ll answer your questions
  • We’ll let you know about sales and events taking place at Milk Baby

Thank you for visiting Milk Baby.

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