Can I Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags? 1

Can I Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags?

It is strongly recommended that breast milk storage bags are not to be reused, once it is used it is to be disposed of. Most breast milk storage bags come pre-sterilised to ensure maximum safety.
Once breast milk has been stored in a milk bag, it is extremely difficult to clean to achieve it’s full sterilisation prior to first use and can become very harmful to the baby if used more than once.

If you would like to reuse your breast milk storage, it is best to use breast milk storage bottles or baby bottles instead as bottles contain hard surface, it is designed to be reused.

Reusable pouches designed for homemade foods such as puree should not be used as reusable milk bags. Food storage pouches are designed from soft plastic (similar to single use milk bags) and are intended for use when the baby is of a certain age (generally 6 months) when their gut has gradually matured from birth (although still extremely sensitive and susceptible to bacterial infections). Hence the reason why it is highly important to maintain high level of sterilisation in milk storage.

What if I sterilise the breast milk storage bag, can I reuse it then?
No. This is not recommended as there is no guarantee that the milk storage bag is completely sterilised.

Can I store breast milk in ice cube trays?
No. Breast milk stored for your baby should not be stored in anything other than the appropriate breast milk storage bags and storage bottles. These products are designed for the purpose of storing breast milk. They are made from safe material and have secure seals to ensure safe storage of your breast milk.

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