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Disposable Or Reusable: Which Nursing Pads Should You Use?

Nursing pads or breast pads – no matter what name you call them, their use remains the same. The goal of the breast pad is to help you stop and absorb leakages that occur amid the time of feeds to ensure that there is no excess breast milk being overdrawn onto your clothes. However, while you’re browsing the different options of breast pads available to you, you may wonder – “Should I get the bamboo reusable breast pads of Australia? Or should I opt for the disposable pads that are available?”

While it is a valid question, it’s important to understand the differences between the two to truly end at a profitable conclusion. 

Why choose disposable pads?

Disposable pads are exactly what they say they are – you use them once and then you dispose of them. These can be ideal for travelling, since you don’t need to worry about washing them, drying them up and then wearing them – you can simply dispose of your disposable breast pads. 

Needless to say, disposable pads can be much more expensive as compared to reusable ones and are not recommended for casual use. 

Why choose reusable pads?

Reusable pads are cheap and well, reusable. Reusable pads can be washed, dried and reused, making them one of the more environmentally friendly options available in the market. Moreover, many companies have begun the production of reusable ecological pads to promote a green earth furthermore. 

Not only will you be able to save the earth from the use of multiple disposable pads daily, but you will also be able to save your money and keep a couple of reusable pads ready to go. This makes it easier to store as well. 

Find the right breast pads for you, today

Depending on the use you hold, you can choose to invest in both disposable and reusable breast pads. At Milk Baby, you can find all the breastfeeding products in Australia that you could need. With premium quality at low prices, you can access their eCommerce outlet, now. 

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