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10 Common Baby Mistakes to Avoid | Mistakes Most New Parents Make

The last thing most new parents need is unsolicited guidance and, most of the time, they know best. Yet, there are exemptions to that norm.

Despite good aims and intentions, the truth of the matter is, first-time parents accidentally make mistakes always, some of which can place children in grave risk.

To make your parenting journey as goof-proof and pleasant as possible, follow our fact-finding guide and keep away from these ten classic blunders.

1. Not Feeding on Demand 

Experts admonish feeding babies at least every two hours to meet their feeding essentials and to set up a better and brisk milk supply for breastfeeding moms. Honestly, babies never over-burden themselves.

Whenever they are hungry, they will cry whether or not they just ate, and feeding would calm them. You must always feed baby on demand and follow hunger signals youngster shows by sucking on their hands or crying.

2. Not Burping Infant Appropriately 

One of the critical slip-ups many new parents make is neglecting to set aside the effort to burp their infant correctly.

The consequence of neglecting to burp is that the child may throw up and gag, losing a portion of that valuable milk, or wake up in an hour or so crying in pain.

3. Sleeping Baby on Tummy

Specialists recommend parents not to make their babies sleep on their stomach until 12 months old when the baby is able to roll and turn their head. Babies should be placed on their back when put to sleep. Stomach or side positions can cause difficulty in breathing and increases the risk of SIDS.

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4. Turning the Car Seat Forward Too Early 

Car seat safety is a hotly debated issue among guardians, with each parent feeling like they know best. The truth of the situation is that according to the U.S. Communities for Disease Control and Prevention, 59 per cent of car seats are not utilized accurately, setting kids at increased danger for injury and demise.

Children riding rear-facing are more secure in case of an accident. That measurement alone should be enough to persuade all guardians to keep them rear-facing in the vehicle as long as possible. By turning a child forward-facing too early, you’re radically increasing the danger for the head and spinal injuries.

5. Using Too Soft Pillows 

When we deal with an infant, we all intuitively race to barrage the newborn with mildest and most comfortable cushions and sleeping pillows.

But actually, you can utilize any firm bedding, and your infant will sleep over it joyfully.

Soft pillows and fillings may cause suffocation, and increase the risk of SIDS.

6. Not Letting Your Baby Cry

Not to be confused with the cry it out method, that’s a whole different topic which we will cover in a future article.

It’s a characteristic impulse for us as parents (especially new parents) to need to make the crying stop. Yet, rather than associating your little one’s cry to something wrong, see it practically as how infants communicate. Babies are intended to cry, once in a while without any particular reason. You can, in any case, support or nestle them — just realize that crying doesn’t always have a negative implication.

7. Not Changing Diaper Frequently

Another monotonous task that is unwanted.

When you are constantly exhausted, changing diapers can without much of a stretch be ignored. It ends up being a lot harder as the baby gets more active.

Nonetheless, it’s ideal to change your child’s diaper as frequently as possible, because keeping a wet or dirty diaper against your baby’s skin for any extended periods can incite diaper rash and other infections or skin irritations.

So, to prevent a difficult time for your little one, muscle yourself up and change that diaper when the time come.

8. Trapping Them Inside 

We all get protective of our children, needing to bind them to the wellbeing of our homes, and away from the rest of the world that is ridden with dirt and sicknesses.

Indeed, it’s not ideal to take your baby to swarmed places where he may get infections. However, on the contrary side, you may be enticed to keep him locked up inside during their first months. Your young baby still needs daylight, and outside air, so you must take him out occasionally. Pick non overly crowded areas in the shade where you can be safe from the harsh sun but still be able to enjoy the outdoors.

10 Common Baby Mistakes to Avoid | Mistakes Most New Parents Make 1

9. Waking Your Infant to Breastfeed or Not

Confusing isn’t it? This one really depends on the child and the age.

Generally breastfed newborn infants will wake every 2-4 hours to be nursed, it is their natural instinct to wake for milk. There will be babies that love their sleep and will sleep longer than 4 hours, in which case, it is recommended to wake the baby for a nurse to ensure the baby is being properly nourished and hydrated.

However, as the baby develops and grows, their need to wake will become less frequent. In which case, it isn’t necessary to wake the baby for feeds. Unless, of cause you’ve been instructed by a health care professional to wake your baby for feeds due to health reasons i.e. increase weight gain.

10. Overlooking Signs of Food Hypersensitivity 

It will, in general, be hard to differentiate between simple stomach pain and risky food hypersensitivity. Right when a baby shows restlessness that won’t subside or returns with each feeding, the parent needs to determine the cause of the issue. Indeed, even baby food can have ingredients that may cause sensitivity in babies, and the results can display as a rash, stomach upset, draining stool, vomiting, and difficulties sleeping.

Breastfed babies can develop food intolerances which has been passed through from breast milk to the baby. Dairy is the most common.

10 Common Baby Mistakes to Avoid | Mistakes Most New Parents Make 2

If you are currently doing any or all Slip-ups written above…

Relax! You can fix it! The incredible thing about infants is that they haven’t been around long enough to develop any deep-rooted habits. Just be aware about your actions, and you can easily avoid these new parent common mistakes — after all, no one’s perfect!

We hope this guide edified you with probably the most well-known mistakes new parents make — so you can simply focus on cherishing your new mini-me.

Parenting is a one-of-a-kind journey, and you’re doing amazing. It’s not the easiest job, especially if you’re a new parent trying to navigate your way through. One thing that is certain, you are going to love it — All the best!!

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