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Lush Natural Nipple Balm to Soothe & Protect

We are so proud to announce the release of our most luscious product yet.

Milk Baby Natural Nipple Balm contains raspberry and grape seed oil, this fruity creation will help soothe and restore sore cracked nipples often experienced by breastfeeding mums.
Breastfeeding is a wonderfully rewarding experience for both mother and baby, but not all breastfeeding journeys go without hiccups.
Although amazing – breastfeeding does come with some undesirable and sometimes even painful setbacks that can have negative impact on breastfeeding.

Even if your baby latches well and successfully breastfeeds, at some point most mothers will experience sore cracked skin that can sometimes bleed if the condition goes untreated and worsen. This makes it extremely painful and challenging to breastfeed due to pain associated. If bleeding, the baby could potentially refuse the breast due to taste.

Our Natural Nipple Balm has been specially formulated with natural ingredients and oils in one of Australia’s beautiful Coastal cities surrounded by sea breeze and lush forests.

Countless hours have been spent and numerous formulas later.

The result – smooth and creamy natural nipple balm that’s luxurious on the skin to help conditioned and restore damaged nipples and skin caused by the demands of breastfeeding.

Our balm is fragrance free with just the right consistency to coat and protect the skin while all the benefits of the natural ingredients are being absorbed in to the skin to help soothe and condition. Delicate oils such as calendula, soothes and deeply nourishes the skin, while cocoa butter and vitamin E protect and heal. All ingredients used have been carefully chosen to ensure that our balm will have all the necessary beneficial properties to aid nipple and skin irritation caused by breastfeeding.

Perfect for mothers with lanolin allergy. This all-natural balm also trades the usual lanolin base for grape seed and raspberry oil, combined with cocoa and shea butter. Natural moisturizing ingredients pack an extra dose of skin-nourishing punch.

Simply dabbing this rich, easy-to-apply balm will strengthen healing and make for an overall more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

When choosing a nipple cream, the key is sticking with products created using natural and safe ingredients for you and your baby. Milk Baby Natural Nipple Balm is made in Australia, using our own custom formulation with all-natural and safe ingredients. This balm is a one-stop solution – effective for your sore, cracked, or dry nipples!

Milk Baby Nipple Ointment is made for Breastfeeding Mums

ALL NATURAL: Our Natural Nipple balm is made with all-natural ingredients.
SOOTHES NIPPLES: It contains organic herbs that Soothes and protects breastfeeding mums’ nipples.
OUR OWN FORMULATION: We have created this amazing nipple balm with our own recipe, countless hours and formations to ensure we have a nipple balm that’s free from all chemicals and harmful ingredients.
SAFETY FIRST: This natural nipple balm is fragrance and lanolin-free, so there is no need to wash it off before breastfeeding.
MADE FROM NATURAL OILS: Natural nipple balm is made from grape seed and raspberry oil

Tips for mums: Try to keep the skin dry and if possible air your skin by exposing to natural air. Moisture can caused prolonged exposure to moisture can contribute to skin damage and

How to use our nipple ointment
Apply a small amount of Milk Baby Natural Nipple Balm to the nipple and surrounding area after each feed, this will allow the balm to be absorbed in to the skin and work its magic.

Tip: Clean the nipple and surrounding area before applying the nipple balm.

Use as required. No need to remove balm before feeding, however we do recommend wiping any unnecessary excess off.

Custom Formula All Natural Nipple Balm

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