Breast Pumps

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Milk Baby Breast Pumps & Unimom Breast Pumps

At Milk Baby we understand that not one person is the same, which is why we provide variety of breast pumps and milk savers to assist breastfeeding mothers and their individual needs.

The Unimom electric breast pumps are an amazing choice for mothers that are looking for automatic option for their expressing needs. Unimom breast pumps are ideal for exclusive pumping or higher than usual pumping.

Milk Baby silicone breast pump (aka milk saver) and breast milk collection shells are wonderful alternatives and sometimes preferred over traditional breast pumps. This is due to convenience and hassle free operations as silicone breast pump and milk collection shells do not contain moving parts, making it easy to use and maintain.
Milk Baby silicone breast pump and breast milk collection shells are fantastic options for increasing your milk stash due to their ability to collect let-down while nursing, which means you can save instead of waste.

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