Milk Baby Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle


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Breastfeeding Essentials – Perfect for New Mums

Included in this essentials bundle are breast pump products to get any new mum started with expressing. This bundle has everything you need to pump and store precious breast milk.

Milk Baby Breast Milk Collection Shells
The most convenient way to collect your let down, day or night. Simply wear the breast milk collection shell inside your bra when feeding your baby with the opposite breast to catch your let down. Breast shells can be easily emptied by pouring the collected breast milk directly  in to a baby bottle or storage bag through the in-built spout.

Milk Baby Silicone Breast Pump
100% food grade silicone breast pump, ideal for travelling and pumping on the go. This ergonomically designed single piece pump is a life saver and fits in your everyday handbag or baby bag. Catch let down any time of the day or night.
The convenient suction base prevents accidental spills, ensuring piece of mind till you’re ready to transfer the collected milk to a bottle.

Milk Baby Breast Milk Storage bags
Standard size, self standing, leak proof, freezer safe breastmilk bags. Conveniently designed to take up less space and make storing and transporting breast milk easy and efficient. Durable, quality bags that will ensure you can store your precious milk for the longest duration possible while preserving all the great nutrients that you provide for your baby

Milk Baby Disposable Breast Pads
Our disposable breast pads are designed to keep you dry for longer with fast absorption and leak proof barrier that traps moisture. Made from breathable natural material to prevent irritation and provide maximum comfort. They are thin and discreet with contour shape to fit nicely over the curves of the breast. Making them the ideal choice for mothers.

This breastfeeding essentials bundle contains: