In 2019, we started Milk Baby to offer breastfeeding mothers an alternative selection of quality breast pumps and breastfeeding products not found at local supermarkets and typical retail outlets. Empowered by mothers, our collection of breastfeeding product line set us apart by bringing you options and quality at fair prices. Through providing value and support to mothers and their breastfeeding journey, we are fast becoming a premium Australian breastfeeding brand that you can trust.

We’re inspired by the power and strength of mothers, their ability to selflessly put their own needs aside to surrender to their baby, to be the protector and nurturer of another human being. Enduring the emotional and physical challenges, tackling work-life balance while taking care of their family, and to keep going when things get tough.

I am proud and honoured to be a mother.

Above anything else, we created Milk Baby with the ultimate mission: to inspire you to be the mother you want to be and not what everyone else expect you to be. We are so incredibly grateful to be able to play a part in your beautiful moment, from the very beginning of your breastfeeding journey.

From our family.


We provide premium breastfeeding products such as breast pumps, breast milk storage bags, breast milk storage bottles, wearable breast milk collection shells, reusable breast pads and more.
Delivering Australia wide so you can enjoy our premium products wherever you are.

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To inspire and support breastfeeding mothers by providing premium breastfeeding products and resources.


We’re more than just a brand or a retail store, join us on Facebook and Instagram to help us build a community of amazing mothers, supporting each other to navigate motherhood and their breastfeeding journey.



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