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Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads Australia – Ultra Absorbent & Soft on Skin

Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable breast pads? You’re in the right place. Breast leakage can happen at any time with no warning, dry one minute and the next…..well, you’re the winner of a wet t-shirt competition. Milk Baby bamboo reusable breast pads will help keep you dry when you need it most.

Why our reusable breast pads are the best choice?

1. Ultra-soft: our reusable breast pads are made from natural bamboo fibres to ensure softness again the skin.
2. Super absorbent: the microfiber inner layer ensures maximum absorbency with water-resistant lining to prevent breast milk from soaking through the outer surface.
3. Reusable & Eco-Friendly: no more throwing away disposable breast pads. These can be reused over and over again.
4. Easy clean: simply put breast pads in a washing bag and pop in to the washing machine.

Did you know reusable breast pads have other uses?

So you’re done with breastfeeding or perhaps you just don’t leak anymore and have no use for your reusable breast pads.
Before you discard them, consider turning them in to face washers, make-up removal pads, multi-purpose cleaning wipes for around the home, or even as coasters.

Explore our range of fun and colourful bamboo reusable breast pads and start feeling comfortable and confident in your dry clothes.

If you prefer the traditional disposable breast pads, then we have you covered too. Our disposable breast pads are ultra-thin and offers maximum absorbency. Shop our disposable breast pads.