Reusable waterproof wet bag

Reusable Waterproof Wet Bag

What are they?
Waterproof wet bags are commonly known to be used for nappies, but did you know that they are great for other items too?!

They come in various sizes and can be used to keep those dirty or wet clothes or nappies separate from the other elements in your day bag or nappy bag.

How are they waterproof?
Wet bags are made from soft stretchy fabric with a unique water-resistant lining to prevent water from soaking through to the outer bag surface, keeping wet or soiled items isolated.

Convenient and hygienic storage, and it’s reusable!

Depending on the design, most waterproof wet bags can be used on it’s own or it can be attached to your pram or nappy bag for convenient and hygienic storage while on-the-go.

Waterproof wet bags are ideal for wet swimsuits, wet reusable breast pads, toys, baby items, and other baby and breastfeeding products such as silicone breast pumps and breast milk collection shells, along with anything you can think of…the possibilities are endless!

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